Imagine @ Home - Athena Karkanis

Imagine @ Home - Athena Karkanis


It's on May 22nd 2021 that we met Athena Karkanis at our first edition of our virtual convention on the Manifest series!
Not only is Athena an incredible guest, but she surprises us all with her kindness and dedication to the fans present.
In addition to getting a free boarding ticket via email, each person with one or more 1 on 1s gets an additional one.


Here are some testimonials:



''I loved talking to all the cast members, they were so nice and I would love to meet them again!'' - Lisa

''It was wonderful and I'll be forever grateful!'' - Karla

A few articles about us...

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One thing is certain, we are definitely interested in having Athena back with us! See you soon x
The IE team.


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