Imagine @ Home - JR Ramirez & Ellen Tamaki

Imagine @ Home - JR Ramirez & Ellen Tamaki


It's on October 30th to celebrate Halloween (a little early yes yes) that we met JR Ramirez and Ellen Tamaki on Zoom!
In the company of his adorable dog Freddy, JR immediately put us and fans at ease. For her part, Ellen is a real ball of energy and made us laugh throughout her presence. Without a doubt, inviting this duo was a genius idea!
Once again, a boarding ticket was required and therefore offered to all participants of the event.

Here are some testimonials:


''Imagine Events is by far my favorite organization. I have never seen a kinder, more helpful and more fun organization than you. I had the best time doing the Manifest events with you. The guests and the activities were amazing. I can't wait to do it again. I miss you girls. 🤍'' -Mandy

''No words to describe how amazing Imagine Events is, thanks to you I have fulfilled the dream of meeting my idols.
In addition to the incredible products that are carefully produced and packaged.
Thank you again and lots of love for this wonderful team.'' -Cassia


''I loved talking to all the cast members, they were so nice and I would love to meet them again!'' - Lisa
''It was wonderful and I'll be forever grateful!'' - Karla


''Thanks again to Imagine Events for everything. Fantastic time with @JR8Ramirez and @ellentorii :) '' -Rosee

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What did you think of this Halloween edition? We loved it!
See you soon for our next edition which will be called ''Manifestival''!

The IE x team

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