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Custom Beanie with Embroidery

Custom Beanie with Embroidery

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We now offer the possibility to order a personalized Beanie with embroidered text.

You simply have to select the color of your Beanie and then we will contact you regarding the text (one word maximum) you wish to have embroidered on it as well as the color of the embroidery thread.

Please note that this type of custom item may take up to a month to arrive at your place and any embroidery may not be 100% as pictured .

We don't sell anything that is not of good quality.

Our founder wears the Cream Beanie with the text ''ROXBURGH''.

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Imagine Events is...

A company founded in 2020 bringing together many inspiring women who have one thing in common: conventions!
We offer the possibility of meeting your favorite actors for a day in a healthy and warm environment.
Personalized items available in our shop too!

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