Frequently Questions Asked

Frequently Questions Asked

Imagine Events is an individual business registered as a business in Québec under the NEQ (Québec business number) 2275194126. The head office is located at this here address:

Imagine Événements
1753 chemin du 1er rang
Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, J0T2J0
Québec, Canada.

Our tax numbers in Québec are:
729355537 RT0001
4026676725 TQ0001

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to focus on virtual events to allow fans to meet their favourites actors/actresses of different tv shows.
To access the event, you will need to buy a ticket. The accepted payments methods are Paypal, credit card or by e-transfer. If you want to pay using e-transfer, contact us using this e-mail:

For the virtual meetings, a “Zoom” link will be provided. You will receive the link a couple of days before the event. The link will contain the following info: date and hour of your meeting.

We ask that you access the room 10 minutes before your scheduled call. Please verify that the app or your computer is fully functional before the call.


The moderator will let you in when its your turn.

Some lateness is to be expected during the meetings. Updates will be posted on our social media.

Please keep the e-mail confirmation. The e-mail act as a receipt and will confirm that you bought the ticket.
During your virtual meeting, only the invited guest, the moderator and the translator’s presence will be authorized. The translator is available at any given time (spoken languages: english, french and spanish). If you need a translation spanish to english you need to ask it via email

It is mandatory to indicate your full name or the same name used on the purchase confirmation number.

Filming, taking picture or screenshots of the event is prohibited. Anyone breaking the rules will be evicted from the meeting and no refund will be given.

Screenshots will be taken at the end of the call and will be sent to you via e-mail.
If you need a translator, contact us at

There are some translators available in different languages such as spanish, french and english
The purchase of a ticket to events organized by Imagine Events stipulates that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions listed above. We ask that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying anything. Imagine Events has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. All of our prices are listed in CAD
The packs (VIP & MICHAELA STONE PACK) can be paid in installments. The due date of each one is the following one:

  • First Installment: May 24 → June 24
  • Second Installment: June 24 → July 1
  • Third Installment: July 1 → July 22
If you got one already in one of our packs or one 1on1. You cannot buy more unless we have remaining stocks.
If you got one already in one of our packs or one video. You cannot buy more unless we have remaining stocks.
If you already bought the Manifest box with Athena AND would like to purchase the one with Melissa AND would like to have both boxes shipped at the same time, you need to purchase the UPGRADE MELISSA option on the ticketing.

You have two options for the UPGRADE and you need to be very careful.

  • If the box is being shipped to CAD/ USA, choose the UPGRADE CAD/USA.
  • If it’s international, choose the UPGRADE INTERNATIONAL one.

  • You will not be charged for the shipping on Melissa’s box.
The Manifest Box will takes up to 2 months to arrive. If there’s a delay, we will update you.
For all demands regarding personalization, we will send you a form to know what image you want, your name and pronouns, number of order and the quote that you want for the autograph. The personalization option includes one or two sentences.

Please, make it small and not a huge text. If you don’t fill out the form, it’ll be just Melissa's signature.

As for how the autographs are sent, they will be in a large bubble wrap envelope with cardboard in it. We will add a “fragile” sticker on it.

When buying an autograph, the shipping is included. The shipping might take up to 2 months since the autographs will be signed after the event
If you are late, contact us by email or by direct messaging on any of our social media accounts.

If latecomers or ''no-shows'' don't contact us 10 minutes past their meeting's time, we will move on to the next call with no reimbursement.

In case of a power shortage, technical problem or any other issues affecting your meeting, Imagine Events will do their best to accomodate you, but the organisation will not be held responsible.
Refund will not be authorized, the only exceptions are:

  1.  If the attendee is sick and sends us a doctor's note.
  2. The event is moved to a later date and the participant cannot be present to said new date.
  3. The guest cancels the event.
The guests can cancel and modify their schedule if other engagements or motives contradicts the event out of the control of Imagine Events
It is possible to resell your ticket to anyone BUT we must be advised immediately.

It is also possible to buy a ticket and give it away as a contest price or a ''giveaway'', please contact us before doing so.

Any personal information created, kept and collected by Imagine Events are protected by the Law on protection of personal informations. Personal Informations are only revealed to employees of Imagine Events as part of their duties.
Whether it be for participants than for employees of Imagine Events, politeness and respect is expected.

Imagine Events wish for all to have an experience in a healthy, pleasant and positive environment.

Any form of violence will not be tolerated. If you do not respect these basic rules, it is within our rights to ban you from future events.

Here are the multiple activities we offer during our virtuals events