IAH with Melissa Roxburgh

Our fourth virtual convention will be with the incredible Melissa Roxburgh who plays Michaela Stone in the show called “Manifest”.

Fun fact: This guest was a surprise for us since we had no idea that the agent we were dealing with for another guest was Melissa’s agent!

As you guys know us, we love to spoil you with amazing deals such as packs at a cheaper price!


To help you a little we did a conversion of our prices ($CAD) to euros (€EUR) but you have to take into account that the currency conversion may change depending on the day.

Extra Price ($CAD) Price (€EUR) *
Vip Pack 315 214,19
Michaela Stone Pack (M&G + Panel) 230 156,46
Michaela Stone Pack (3on1) 240 163,27
Flight 828 Pack 100 68,00
Individual Meeting (1on1) 100 68
Personalized Video 90 61,20
Trio Call (3on1) 65 44,22
Autograph 75 50,44
Group Meeting (M & G) 45 30
Photobooth Party 60 40
Panel 10 6,73
Manifest Box (Melissa) 35 23,81
Tombola Tickets 3 2,02